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A follow-up marketing letter is an important strategy of boosting the sales of the company, as it gives a complete picturesque of the total sale and income accordingly. Just writing a business promotional letter and leaving the customers unattended may lead to weakening of the bond between company-customer. So a client or customer addressed follow up letter plays a vital role in building relationships and increasing sales.

Since it is a business letter it must be written in pleasant formal tone; it must not appear to be too much persuading. The quality of the product can be described as an example. The letter should not be too lengthy, make sure to keep it small, precise, catchy and tidy. The offers provided to the client if any should be mentioned. The following is an example of follow up marketing letter, give a look to it and gather the idea of developing your letter according to your relevance.

Sample letter

This is a sample of Follow up marketing letter of a furniture company, which is trying to convince the client, IT company to give their statement regarding the new furniture purchase.


Shiva Reddy

Sales Manager,

Craft World Furniture, Ranchi 834001.



Mr. Vikram Iyer


IT World,

Software Technology Park,


Subject: – Reminder for the order of new furniture.

Dear Mr. Iyer,

We the Craft World Furniture congratulate you for being one of our loyal and satisfied customers. We’ve missed you for a while.

The main intent of writing this letter is to let you know of the new products which we recently launched at the end of this month and which we discussed in the previous mail.

You being one of our loyal customers, we offer you 25% discount on the newly launched items, terms and conditions applied. This letter is a reminder for you as we have the offer going on till DD/MM/YYYY, which is going to end soon. Grab your product today at our nearest store.

For any queries feel free to contact us at +457164 or drop your email at Looking forward to your response.

Have a nice day.


Shiva Reddy

Sales Manager,

Craft World Furniture, Pvt. Ltd.


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