Follow Up Letter after Interview

Follow Up Letter after Interview


An after interview follow up letter is written by a job candidate who has undergone an interview for a particular post with an organization. The after interview follow up letter is written to express gratitude for the opportunity to be interviewed as well as to keep up on questions and clarifications about the job.

You remind your interviewers that you are a capable candidate for that one seating you have worked hard to get. It’s a way you tell them that you are hoping to be selected for that place and that being taken matters a lot to you. While conveying your feelings, maintain a balance of emotions, remember you do not want to appear needy or desperate. You want to make an impression long lasting and well of a potential being. This letter after the interview will give the interviewer a better recapitulation of the candidate while making his final choice in hiring.


Given below is a sample of such follow-up letter that might come handy:


James Alfredson

19 Fuller Street
Pomona, CA 91766



Tom Mohan

Recruitment Manager

Downing Associates

83 Stadium Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

Dear Mr. Mohan,

Ref: Follow up letter on interview

Thank you so much for making time to see me last Friday on May 10, 2010. It was my privilege to be shortlisted for the first interview for the advertised position of Accounts Manager with your esteemed organization. The meeting was very beneficial to me as I gained much understanding of your esteemed organization, of which I hope to be its employee soon.

I have considered the questions posed to me during the interview on the various upcoming projects which I have to undertake if I am successful to the position, and I can confidently write that I am more than capable for the tasks. I hope to be given the opportunity to prove myself in the best manner possible.

Please feel free to contact me whenever you need further information about me for your kind consideration on my application to the mentioned position. Also, I would love to be of help in any manner possible.  I look forward to hearing positively from you too.

Yours Sincerely

James Alfredson


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