Fire Letter

Fire Letter


A Fire Letter is written by the management of a company to inform its employee that the latter has breached its employment terms that warrant a dismissal from the enterprise. The letter is a formal notice regarding the termination of the employee from the service. The reasons for dismissal of the employee could be several, such as poor performance, violation of the policies of the company, misbehavior with another employee, etc.

A Fire Letter should contain the accurate facts and evidence for dismissal as it is taken as a last resort on the errant employee. The letter should confirm the reason for which the employee is being fired. Although it is a letter to dismiss an employee, the tone of the letter should be kept humble, and the expressions should not be offensive or insolent. The letter must end on a positive note by wishing success to the employee for future.

 Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Fire Letter.


William Mordo

Human Resource Manager,

Dutch Productions,

155-Marigold Street,

Miami, FL 32669,




Don Dimple

Senior Production Analyst,

Dutch Productions,

2747-Whaley Lane,

Milwaukee, WI 53202,


Subject: Notification of Dismissal from Service

Dear Mrs. Don Dimple,

At this moment, with this letter, you are notified of the management’s decision to dismiss you from service with immediate effect from DD/MM/YYYY. Hence, your services with Dutch Productions are terminated.

You have been found to have breached the company’s rules and regulations by sharing confidential information regarding the business with a couple of our competitors without the company’s approval or knowledge of the same. This is a great offense as the company’s confidential information has been made public and to the company’s disadvantage, causing the company to lose the tender and millions of dollars in potential business transactions. Your unprofessionalism is intolerable to the management and, hence, you are dismissed from the company without any compensation. We request you to kindly pack your personal belongings from the workplace and turn in all the resources and property of the company in your care to the authorities concerned. If any documents are to be collected by you from the organization then kindly do so by tomorrow.

We hope that you will realize your mistake and shall not repeat the same mistake in the organizations with which you shall work in the future.

We wish you every success for your future.

Yours sincerely,

William Mordo

Human Resource Manager,

Dutch Productions

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