Fire Department Fundraising Letter


The fire department of any city is considered to be one of the most important departments which contribute to the city’s smooth functioning and welfare. This department goes beyond its efforts of extinguishing fires and is also called for jobs which include rescuing civilians and gauging small scale domestic disasters. Unfortunately, this department isn’t paid well for the job it does.

Such a fundraiser letter, therefore, aims to raise funds to further the projects and working of the department. It is necessary for the department’s smooth functioning. This letter should begin with the expression of gratitude for all that they have done for the city as a whole. It should then proceed to request all citizens to contribute to these people who are nothing less than heroes to us. Do ensure that you have clearly mentioned the day and date of the fundraiser along with all that you will need for its arrangement.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter forĀ Fire Department Fundraising Letter.


The Citizens Board

Heritage City

West Gurgaon




12 May 2017



Sarita Vihar

West Gurgaon



Subject: Fundraiser

Dear All,

As we all know, the Fire Department of our city is made up of many Bravehearts. They are nothing less than martyrs, sacrificing their lives and all luxuries to take care of our city, to take care of all of us. In the past year itself, they have extinguished fifteen fires and embarked on thirty-seven successful rescue missions.

Given their contribution, it is only expected and decent of us to pay heed to their needs. The Fire Department of our city has entered a plea for better infrastructure and higher quality equipment to smoothly carry out their work. As citizens of Gurgaon, I feel it is appropriate to organise a fundraiser to help their cause.

The resident welfare association of Heritage City in cooperation with the Municipal Department of Gurgaon is thus hosting a fundraiser for the Fire Department of the city on the 24th of May 2017. We are organising a one-day fest in Huda Grounds, which will display an array of food and fun-filled activities for kids and parents alike.

We request all those who are interested in putting up a stall to kindly contact us on the contact number given below. The cost of one table is INR 1000 only. 75% of all earnings is expected to go to the funds of the fire department. The fest will also have an entry fee of INR 25 only.

I request everybody to be a part of this wonderful cause and contribute to it in whatever small or big way you can.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Team Gurgaon

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