Final Written Warning Letter, Sample & Format

Final Written Warning Letter


A Final Written Warning Letter is written by the employer of a particular organization to a certain employee of the same organization for several strange reasons. These reasons could include misconduct on the part of that employee, manifesting improper behavior at the organization or when that employee has not made any development in his or work. And as the title of the letter suggests, this type of a letter is a final warning to the employee, which means that the employee has been warned for the same earlier as well.

The letter should be segmented into three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should state the reason for which letter is being written. In the main content of the letter, the writer should state that the company is giving a final written warning to the employee who has been charged with misconduct in the company earlier as well. The letter should be concluded by mentioning that the warning letter is being issued to the employee to change his/her conduct and if no improvement is seen, the company may choose to write another letter to the employee for an ultimate consequence.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Final Written Warning Letter


Disciplinary Committee

Boustead Trading,

839 Bryan Park,

Lexington, NC 20022



Donald Lexicon

Van Driver,

Boustead Trading

839 Bryan Park,

Lexington, NC 20022

Subject: Final Written Warning

Dear Mr. Donald Lexicon,

Please note that this letter is the final written warning to you with regards to your misconduct with the company’s van. You have been warned twice with regards to the blatant use of the company van, especially for your personal chores. Your performance had always been satisfactory, however, since the last few months it has not been very pleasant.

The company had repeatedly given you several warnings, verbally as well as written, despite that no improvement has been observed in your behavior and actions. Again, a report has been submitted against your abuse of the company van where you were reportedly seen at a location that was not part of the company clientele list. Use of any of the official property for any personal use is strictly prohibited to any of the employees. Hence, you are forewarned with this final written warning that harsh disciplinary action will be held against you if you do not give an appropriate response to this latest charge against you.

You have seven working days to respond to this final written warning from the date of this letter, that is from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. We hope that you shall not disappoint us this time and will understand the seriousness of this warning letter and make the necessary changes.

Yours Sincerely

Disciplinary Committee

Boustead Trading

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