Final Warning Letter

Final Warning Letter


A final warning letter is the last letter that a company writes for its employee to make a positive change before adverse actions such as legal action or dismissal are taken against the involved employee, for advocating some negative behavior that is unacceptable to the company. This letter also explains that an employee’s performance in the organization is not so satisfactory and up to the mark.

While writing a warning letter, one must maintain the polite tone in the letter instead of being rude. One should look into the matter and search well for the unsatisfactory behavior or misconduct of the employee before writing a warning letter. This letter may help the employee to improve before they receive a termination letter. Take a look at this sample letter of Final Warning to make your mind full of ideas to write a letter of your own.

Sample Letter

Following is the sample letter for Final Warning Letter.



Human Resource Manager,

Shogun Restaurants

Duncan Apartment, BC V9L,

1305 Roger Street,

The United Kingdom.



Theodore C. Kimble

Assistant Chef, Shogun Restaurants,

Trump Apartment, Flat No- 125,

The United Kingdom.

For the Attention of Theodore C. Kimble.

Subject: –  Final Warning on your misbehavior.

Dear Kimble,

This is the final warning letter from the Management of Shogun Restaurants on your inappropriate behavior during the last three months despite two previous warning letters served to you, dated DD/MM/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY.

You have been counseled and warned against your coming late to work many times since DD/MM/YYYY, in spite of it all, you are still coming in late for your duties. We tried to look into your situation, and we reached the point that there is nothing wrong with you at home or workplace. Your reasons for coming late are unacceptable since they are not genuine at all; you have not improved your behavior since the two warning letters have been served to you.

Your delay has caused much inconvenience to the customers and your colleagues; the latter has to cover up for you on your duties, and this is unacceptable when the restaurant is at its peak in the evenings.

The management will act against you if you do not display satisfactory results by DD/MM/YYYY. Please be forewarned that the management will not tolerate for unprofessionalism from its employees. Hope to meet you with a changed attitude and behavior when you come for work.


Calístrato Reyes Pantoja,

Human Resource Manager,

Shogun Restaurants,

The United Kingdom.

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