Final Demand for Payment Letter, Sample & Format

Final Demand for Payment LetterA final demand for payment letter can be a very strong letter from a company that is demanding payment from one of its debtors. Despite many reminders and requests for payment, the company has not received payment from its debtors, which causes it to write a strong letter to imply harsher actions.


Collections Department

Carrier Manufacturing Ltd

99 Sunshine Road
North Las Vegas, NV 89033

January 24, 2011


DeCarlo Constructions

3323 Orchard Street
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Dear Sirs

RE: Final Demand for Payment

Herewith, this letter serves as the final request for an outstanding amount of $1,500 from DeCarlo Constructions.

It is with regret that the previous three (3) reminders for payment went unheeded. It is with further regret that an excellent company like DeCarlo Constructions is withholding payment after receiving the goods which Carrier Manufacturing has supplied in good faith.

This letter hopes to dispel the increasing doubt over DeCarlo Constructions’ cash flow position with a full payment expected in three (3) days, upon receipt of this letter. If your settlement crossed this letter, please ignore this letter. Otherwise, your case will be handed over to a collection agency to be dealt with.

We look forward to your prompt cooperation in this request.

Thank you.

Yours Truly

Collections Department

Carrier Manufacturing Ltd

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