Field Trip Permission Letter


A field trip is usually organised by an institution to take its members out on a day trip away from their usual place of work or institution of study. These trips are usually organised at school or college level and since these institutions harboursĀ minors, it becomes imperative to ask for their guardian’s permission.

Remember, this is a formal letter and therefore, it should maintain a tone of seriousness. Do mention all relevant details about the trip. This should include the days of the trip, the timing of the trip and most importantly the venue of the trip. Since organising such an event is time consuming, make sure you send the letter of permission well in advance. Also, do mention the date by when the guardian or parent’s consent is required so that necessary arrangements for the trip can be made. Also, do mention that in the case of any unexpected events, the institution will not be responsible.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter forĀ Field Trip Permission Letter.


The Headmistress

DPS Gurgaon

Sec 45


5th May 2017


The Parents

House Address


Subject: Field Trip Consent Letter

Respected Ma’am/ Sir,

With the onset of summer and the scorching heat, the school is once again closing for a period of two months, starting 28th May 2017. So, to beat the heat and bring some summer chill the school has organised a field visit for all students from classes V-X.

The school is organising a movie screening for all its students and teachers at none other than PVR at MGF Mall or if that is not possible, at City Center Mall. The movie that shall be screened is Boss Baby. The timing and days for students of each grade will vary so that this field trip can be carried out in as easy a manner as possible. The schedule for each grade is as given below:

  1. V- 22nd May
  2. VI- 23rd May
  3. VII- 24th May
  4. VIII-25th May
  5. IX- 26th May
  6. X-29th May

The movie timing for each grade is 10 am. Therefore, the reporting timing for each grade at the school premise is 8 am. The school will then arrange transport to drop them at the venue. Six school buses will be allotted for the same. We will take all responsibility for the pickup and drop off of your child to and fro from the mall and the school.

The price of the same will be INR 150. This will include the cost of Pepsi and popcorn for each child. While we will look after the safety of your child, we will take no responsibility for the loss of any of their belongings. No cell phones or cameras are allowed.

Please reply back with your consent by the 15th of May so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Arti M


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