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For any company, be it a service-based or a product-based one, getting feedback from the customers, once your product has been delivered is of utmost importance. The job of the company does not only depend on delivery of goods, but also on getting feedback and advice from the customers on how to improve your products further.

This is a formal letter and therefore, it should always have a professional tone to it. Begin the letter by expressing your gratitude and thanking the customer for availing the service or purchasing the product. Follow up that by mentioning that you hope they were satisfied with the company’s work. The next paragraph should inform the customer what the letter is about, that is, a feedback form. Ask them basic questions so that they can be as objective as possible about the experience. Make the ending of the letter positive by letting them know that their response is valuable.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Feedback Letter To Customer.


Customer Relations

The Go

65 Building



12th May 2017



Preety Sahil

87 Flat

Beverly Park



Subject: Feedback Form

Dear Ms. Sahil,

You have availed Taxi services from us on the 7th of May 2017 at 2:07 pm. Your Taxi service was a seventeen-minute ride from MGF Mall to DLF Ph 1, Hyderabad. The cost of this journey was 89. 08 Rupees. We hope you had a pleasant journey.

On account of availing taxi services from our company, we would like to request you a few minutes of your time and ask you a couple of questions to receive your feedback on the service we have provided. As per our records, you avail services from us on a weekly basis, so we thought it best if you could objectively answer the following questions for us:

  1. Did the Driver arrive on time?
  2. Was your journey a comfortable one?
  3. Was the driver aware of the routes?
  4. Was there any trouble with your payment method?
  5. Did the driver engage in conversation/ was he polite?
  6. Should we improve our services in any way?

We would be grateful if you could please answer the above questions for us. We hope to improve our services and serve you better in the future. On account of answering these questions, we’ll give you INR 50 off on your next ride with us. Just use the following coupon code – SURVEY50.

We appreciate your response and the time taken for the same. You are a much-valued customer of ours, and we hope to serve you better, that too for a very long time. Happy journey!

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Team Go

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