Father Love Letter

Father Love Letter

A Father Love Letter is written by a loving father who wishes to inform his child of his love through the written word. It is wonderful to have a father write out his love for his child which is an assurance to the child. Such a love letter between parent and child bonds the love between the two. A child feels special to have such a loving father after reading this letter.

The relationship of a father and a child is the purest in this world. A father not only protects his child but also takes care of his smallest needs. It is essential to convey what your child means to you, and a father Love Letter makes your child feel special through the loving emotions you express through this letter. When writing this letter, you should try to portray your real emotions through this letter. Your love and blessings should be felt by your child after reading this letter.




Christopher Levi,

232 Grand View Street,

Portland, PA 93283.



Gloria Levi,

1551 Bishop Lane,

Eugene, OR 8321

Subject: Father Love Letter

Dear Gloria Levi,

How are you? Your mom and I are fine and missing you, especially me as we have always shared a special bond. You are away at college. It is joyous as well as painful as we are proud of your achievements and wish you all success for your future; it is a pain as we miss you dearly for you are our only child and we have showered our love on you alone all these years.

We are happy to see you grow so well; an excellent achiever in all that you do. Now, you are in college. Those were the days when I could make you sit on my lap. I miss our fishing trips. It was fun to share those moments with you although you were a girl but hey! Who said only boys could fish? The adventurous fun we had together is mind boggling. You always knew what you wanted in life, and you have worked hard to achieve it.

I am so proud of you, Gloria. You are the joy of our lives. Do take care of yourself and give us a call or note whenever you can. I know that you might be swarmed with classes and projects. Mom says to eat and rest well. Always be happy and reach the sky of success.

With all my love,

Yours Lovingly,

Christopher Levi

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