Father Christmas Letter


A Father Christmas letter is written by a child who believes in Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Since we have heard the word Christmas, we have known about Santa Claus. He is someone who brings gifts to children on Christmas eve. It is a story that we have heard for years and will continue to be told for the years to come. Children, however, take these stories seriously. They always have a list of gifts ready to be asked from Santa Claus. What they don’t know is that it is their father/mother who fulfills those wishes of them.

A father Christmas letter is a heartwarming letter as it contains the heartfelt expressions of a child to be blessed during the Christmas season. The letter may contain anything that the child wishes strongly to be fulfilled. We all have done this as kids, to pray to god of what we have always wanted. It is a simple letter written to Father Christmas to receive his heart’s desire.


Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of Father Christmas Letter.


Melanie D. Wing,

297 School House Road,
Union, MS 39365



Father Christmas,

The North Pole.

Dear Father Christmas,

Subject: My wishlist for Christmas.

My mommy says that I need to write a letter to you if I want some presents from you for Christmas. But these presents are not for me; they are for the little boys and girls who do not have mommies and daddies to love them or give them presents, during Christmas. And everyone should get a gift for Christmas. It is a day to receive gifts and love from people around you. And I have heard that you fulfill everyone’s wishes, especially wishes of the good children.

There is a home with three boys and four girls who do not have mommies and daddies; my mom calls them ‘orphans.’ I feel so sad for them because I will be very sad if I do not have my mommy or daddy to love me.

So, Dear Father Christmas, can you bring some good presents for these boys and girls this Christmas, please? Mommy says they should be given some new clothes to keep them warm and books to help them study hard so that they will have a good future ahead. I tried to give them some of the mines, but everyone should be getting new ones for Christmas.

I can be your helper to give them the presents if you are too busy.

Thank you for reading my letter.


Eight years old

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