Farewell Thank You Letters


After spending some time at any organisation, institution or any such place, one tends to develop deep bonds with those around them. You find friends in these communities, so when the time comes for you to leave the place, it is only courteous of you to write them a farewell letter.

A farewell letter is written when you mean to bid someone goodbye. These can often be emotional due to the beautiful bonds you have developed. A farewell letter generally mentions all the friends you have made, the memories you have created together and all that you have learnt from your time there. The best part about these letters is that these are informal so you can tailor them according to your emotions. You can make these letters are emotional as you like. It is sweet to end the letter with the promise to stay in touch with all those you are leaving behind.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Farewell Thank You Letters.


Astha Goyal

House no 19

Garden Estate


5th May 2017


Siya Yadav


World Spa


Subject: Farewell Letter

Dear Siya,

I first joined this school in the first grade. I still remember being the shy new girl in class. But despite all of that, you were the first one to approach me. Since then you have been my best friend – from grade 1 to grade 10. With each passing year, our friendship has only grown stronger.

It saddens me to tell you now that due to my dad’s transfer to Mumbai, my family will be shifting with him to the same. I couldn’t stop crying because it meant going away and starting a whole new life without you all. It was extremely disheartening. However, now that the fact that I will be going away has sunk in, I wanted to write you this letter.

As much as I don’t want to shift, the one thing that helps me cope with this is all the beautiful memories I have been able to make during my time here. From birthday parties to sleepovers, we have had a crazy good time all these years. Your presence only made it better. Remember how we used to attempt at combined study at Rihan’s house before every Monday’s test? Oh, how I hate studying! But somehow getting to do it with you guys made it fun.

I hope to stay in touch with you even after I shift. I promise to visit often; please do ask your mother if you could also visit us once we have settled. It will be a lot of fun. I’ll write to you and call you every month. I promise.

Thank you for a lifetime of memories. They will forever be cherished. Best of luck for all that you decide to do in life!

Lots of Love

Astha Goyal

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