Farewell Thank You Letter

Farewell thank you LetterIntroduction:

A farewell thank you letter can be a simple appreciative letter written by an individual to another who has played host to the sender. A farewell thank you letter is then appropriate to be given to the recipient for the kind hospitality shown to the sender of the letter. It can be a light-hearted letter if between friends or families. It can be written when you have been a guest at somebody’s house for a short period or stayed there for some reason.

As it is a personal letter, keep the tone of the letter warm and friendly. Don’t make the letter too long or emotional and make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the letter.  In the letter do ask the hosts to visit you soon and wish them good health and happiness. Also, mention how it has been an enjoyable stay for you because of them.

Sample Letter:


Pamela J. Medeiros

18, rue du Gue Jacquet



Billy & Amelia Byers

173 Hillcrest Avenue
Boston, MA 02110

Dear Billy & Amelia,

RE: Farewell & Thank you

Allow me to express my deepest and sincerest token of appreciation for the kind hospitality which you both had showered on me when I was with you for two weeks. This has been one of my best holidays to the United States which I will remember for a very long time.

I have enjoyed so much because you two are best the host/hostess any guest can ever hope for. I have seen so many beautiful sights and ate so many delightful cuisines. You took me to all the best restaurants as you both were aware that I am a food lover. Now I know why you are well rounded! Ha! Ha! I think I have put on several pounds in just two weeks.

But I have enjoyed the parks and beaches too. I can’t thank you both enough for taking me to all the places and making sure that I  make the most out of this trip. You are very blessed to stay in beautiful Boston. If I were to retire, I would choose Boston too!

Thanks again for your generosity and love. You made me so welcome and at home. I hope I will have an opportunity to extend my hospitality to you in France one day.

I look forward to your visit soon.

Till we meet again, take care! God bless you both with good health and joy.

Gratefully yours,


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