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More often than not we tend to make friends with people we share a community with. This could be at school, college or even in your colony. New friendships are made, relationships are developed, and life-long bonds are made. All the more reason why if ever life takes a turn where you have to part ways with the people you have made relationships with, saying goodbye to them becomes that much harder. A farewell letter is written when you mean to bid someone goodbye.

The people you are leaving behind deserve a letter as a form of closure. These can often take an emotional turn. A farewell letter highlights on all the memories you have created together with your loved ones and mention in elaboration about the fun times and lessons you have learned together. The best part about these letters is that these are informal so you can tailor them according to your emotions. You can make these letters are emotional as you like. End the letter on a positive note by promising to stay in touch- updating each other about your lives and visiting the person too if possible!

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Farewell Letters.



Aishwarya Naik


DLF Ph 5






Suhasini Goyal

Beverly Park 2

DLF Ph 2



Subject: Farewell Letter


Dear Suhasini,

As you know, I have been selected at the prestigious Oxford University. I have accepted the seat and decided to pursue my under-graduation from there. It is a three-year course, and I will leave for college on the DD/MM/YYYY.

Suhasini, Oxford has been my dream for such a long time as you know and the one person I would like to thank endlessly for supporting me and my dream is you. You were there for me every step of the way. Be it with researching on different colleges, deciding my course, writing my application and helping me study for my TOEFL. Throughout my preparation process, we have made some wonderful memories.

Remember how we would always eat momos after prep classes? It was fun to have someone to laugh and chill with after a stressful study session. You’d always lighten my mood and unburden me of my stress. You are a great friend Suhasini, and you will be terribly missed.

Though I am very excited, I have to admit that I am also scared. Scared that I will not have my best friend to begin this beautiful journey with. Scared that I won’t have a friend like you by my side to help me through all the tough times. The good thing is that I’ll be coming home every summer and winter vacation. We can spend ample time together then.

Do stay in touch. I expect you to write to me on a monthly basis, okay? No excuses. Do update me with your life back here in India. Oh! And don’t forget to tell me what all you want from there. I will be bringing you your favorite chocolates, but anything other than that let me know.

With Love,

Aishwarya Naik

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