Farewell Letter To Staff


For a person who is in a position of authority and has been for a while preparing to leave their post, leaving can be very tough despite the preparation. It becomes an extremely emotional moment, having served so many years at your post and then leaving it. However hard it might be, it is always a sweet gesture to write your coworkers and staff a sincere farewell letter from your heart.

It is a very informal letter, so it allows you the chance to be emotional. You can make it as heart-warming as you like. You can mention memories you have shared with the staff, mention each and every person’s uniqueness, strengths, etc. Do mention their contributions to this journey of yours, how you weren’t only a mentor to them but they too have, over time helped you grow and learn. End the letter on a positive note, informing them that you promise to keep in touch.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Farewell Letter To Staff.


Naresh Bajpai

Flat 19

Housing Apartments


12th May’17


AK House

Building 8




Subject: Farewell Letter

Dearest All,

My forty-year journey with this company is soon coming to an end. I will be turning 60 next month and henceforth will be seeking retirement. Ah! I can not believe it has been 40 years since I first joined this office.

Many men change a lot of jobs over the span of their careers, but this place has made me stand apart from them. This place has a different atmosphere and feeling. It didn’t feel like I was coming to work, but coming to my family instead. The staff, each and every one of you has contributed to this journey for which I am grateful. From Mr. Kumar wishing me good morning every day to Mr. Shukla taking over my work whenever needed, you have all worked together as a solid team to help this company grow.

Along with this company and the experiences it offered, I feel that mentoring you has also helped me grow and learn beyond my years. The youngest members always helped me keep up to date with the current generation, haha! But on a serious note, I do hope I was a good mentor to you all. You have not only helped keep me grounded but also taught me the virtue of patience – something my wife has been trying to teach me for years!

Thank you, each and every one of you. An entirely different person would have stood here today if it were not for you all. I do hope to keep in touch even in retirement. You young lads can approach me for any advice or help you may ever need.

Capt Bajpai Signing off!

Yours Sincerely,

Naresh Bajpai


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