Farewell Letter To Sister


A Farewell Letter to a Sister is written by a sibling to a sister, who is leaving the family residence temporarily or permanently for purposes of accepting employment or education in a place that is different from that of residence. The letter is written to express farewell at the time of separation. The bond between siblings is usually very strong and not being able to live together anymore causes distress and sadness.

Therefore, the farewell letter is written as a letter of emotions that seeks to ensure that the relationship between the sister and the sibling is strong. The letter must mention thoughts about separation. The letter may also include thoughts from earlier times such as childhood. The letter must be written in a very meaningful manner. The letter is written in an informal fashion.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Farewell Letter to a Sister.


Thomas Tank,

Easton House,




The United States of America.



Pricilla Tank,




The United States of America.

Dear Pricilla,

With a sense of melancholy – sadness at the thought of leaving daddy, mummy and you back in the United States, I am although a little excited to embark on a new journey in Europe. This is a letter that you can read whenever you miss me. I was really happy the day you were born because I was excited at having a new sister to play with. That is 18 years ago! Time sure does fly. But, over those eighteen years, I have known a person who has given me immense joy and has taught me great responsibility as an older brother and as an adult.

We have both achieved a lot in our lives. I am sure that it would not have been possible without each other’s support. From pranks to academic help, we both have looked up to each other, and we have enriched each other’s lives. I know that I will miss you in Europe. I will not have a sister to play pranks on; I will not have a sister to look at with great admiration and pride. But I do know that I will call you every day and talk to you.

I wish to write to you and visit you as often as I can. I also would like to advise you to study harder and make everyone of us proud. Take care of your health. I have a great surprise for you when I come visiting you.

Please take care of mom and dad. Convery my regards to mom and dad.

Lots of Love,



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