Farewell Letter To Principal


A farewell letter to principal is written by an employee of an educational institution to the principal of that institution when that employee is leaving the organization. The letter is a formal farewell letter written by the employee to the principal who is a superior. The letter must mention gratitude to the principal and must mention the experience that the teacher/employee had while working with the organization. The letter must be written in a formal tone and must be concise.

The letter is a farewell letter written while the employee is leaving the school or educational institution. The letter must be written with the reader in mind. The letter must be written with anecdotes that may seek to express gratitude or happiness. The employee must thank the principal for his/her organizational skills and capabilities. The writer must thank the educational institution for providing him/her with the experience that enriched their professional experience.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Farewell Letter to the Principal.


Rajesh Koothrappali,

Senior Lecturer,

West Junior College,





Dr. Eshwar Gowda Lost,


West Junior College,



Subject: Farewell letter.

Dear Sir,

I take this opportunity to write this letter to express my gratitude to the college and you for giving me a great opportunity to work as a lecturer for five wonderful years. I am moving to Canada. Therefore, I leave this college with a heavy heart. However, I am forever grateful for the support and encouragement that West Junior College has given me in assisting me in pursuing my dreams as a teacher and educator.

Dr. Lost, I take this opportunity to thank you personally for your mentorship and guidance in helping me reach my potential. You have given us teachers great freedom in crafting the syllabus and teaching the students. I am grateful for your kind guidance all these years.

I have fond memories of teachers during our visit to the United Arab Emirates for a skills workshop. I also have memories of your support during the recession. I must say that the college has reached new heights of success because of your leadership. I have always admired your interest in the lives of students and their academic work.

I wish to express farewell at this moment. I harbor mixed emotions at this time of departure and also as I look forward to my future. I thank you for all the opportunities that you provided me with during my employment at West College.


Rajesh Koothrappali.


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