Farewell Letter to Boss, Sample & Format

Farewell Letter to BossA farewell letter to the boss is quite a personal letter as it is the last opportunity to pen a few personal words to the one who has been a superior to the resigning employee. The letter can be a bit informal but can be open and expressive to state the last thanks and appreciation to the previous opportunities.


Sarah Wayne

Fargo Holdings

October 25, 2010


David Kruger

Managing Director

Fargo Holdings

1486 Jardins Avenue
Buena Vista, GA 38903

Dear Mr. Kruger

RE: Farewell letter

Please allow me to bid you farewell on my last day of work here at Fargo Holdings. It is with regret that I am unable to serve you after today as I have family commitments which require my full attention at home.

Thank you for your kind understanding on my situation and assistance in allowing me to resign with all the advantages; I am most grateful for your generosity and kindness. You have been an exceptional boss during my five years of service with you.

Thank you for being patient with me and protecting me along the way when I was ignorant of many protocols and procedures in the company.

I wish you the very best in health and career.

With a grateful heart,


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