Farewell Letter To An Employee


Farewell letter is written to someone who is close to your heart or someone who is special to you. The recipient may be your colleague or your friend or your loved one or even your teacher. This type of letter is written when you move away physically from them. This type of letter shows how much you value them. As this letter is written when you are leaving them you can say the things you haven’t said to them.

Farewell letter to an employee is written when he/she is leaving the office. The reason may be a transfer to another city or his/her resignation to the post. This letter shows your gratitude to the recipient for his or her work for the company or the office throughout his or her career. If the recipient is resigning for the post you can wish him or her good luck for their future. If need asks for the contact information of the recipient.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Farewell Letter To An Employee.



Human Resource Department,

Mahitha Industries,





Ex-Production Manager,

Mahitha Industries,


Subject: Farewell Letter

Dear Mahesh,

We heard that you are resigning fro your renowned Production Manager on 10th of this month. So on behalf of the company I am writing this letter to say farewell to you. We are very happy with your services as a manager in the production department. We never thought that you would resign from the post. You may have your own reasons for this decision. But we are happy with you and we support your decision.

The services offered by you to the company are really outstanding. The hard work you have done in making the workers to do the work on time is great. We need to accept the truth that the production under you is too good and the product is delivered on time. But the services you offered are very short. It has been only two years since your join in the industry. Anyways we wish you a very good luck for your bright career.

As a token of appreciation of your work, we are sending you a small gift along with this letter. Please leave your contact information with us so that we can contact you in times of need and we think that you will help us without any hesitations. Good luck with your career and life from me and the company. Once again thank you for your services.

With Regards,


Human Resource Department,

Mahitha Industries.

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