Farewell Letter To A Teacher


Farewell letter is written to someone who is special to you or to someone whom you value a lot.  This letter is written to say goodbye to them. It shows how much you value them. This letter should express your true feelings for them. A genuine and heartfelt letter can make the recipient remember you for a lifetime.

Farewell letter to a teacher is written at the time you are leaving the school on completion of your studies or course in the school or college. In this letter, you can express your gratitude to your teacher for being on your side and how they helped you in the successful completion of your studies. You can mention how you value him/her and how much respect you have for him/her. You can mention two to three incidents where he/she stood by you. In the end, tell that you will remember him/her throughout your life and tell them you will be available to him/her in times of need.

Sample Farewell Letter to a Teacher:



7-d, Madhuri Residency,

Anna Nagar,




Miss Manikanta,

7-d, Sudha Apartments,



Respected Ma’am,

I am Nikhil, a student of yours. I am writing this letter to bid farewell to you as you know I have completed my studies in the school. This letter is to show you how much you mean to me. I am feeling very sad to leave this school and my dear friends. I cannot digest the feeling that there will be no personal contact with you and that you won’t be there to guide me anymore.

I still remember the first day of my school and how you took me to my class. From that time onwards you owned a special place in my heart. You are like a mother to me in the school. The bond between us grew stronger and stronger. I used to come to you if I had any problem and you would take care of it. I still remember how you used to pat my back to calm me down when any teacher scolded me. The care you took in my studies is very appreciable. I used to come to your house if I had any doubts in my subjects and you used to clarify them with patience. I admire your character a lot. I know that I too have a special place in your heart. Even though I am going out of the school, I promise you that I will be in contact with you for my lifetime. I do not know if I am your best student or not but you are the best teacher and you will remain so forever.

With Love,


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