Farewell Letter To A Girlfriend


A Farewell letter is written to someone who is close to your heart or someone who is special to you. The recipient may be your girlfriend or your friend or your colleague or even your teacher. This type of letter is written when you move away physically from them. This kind of letter shows how much you value them. As this letter is written when you are leaving them you can say the things you haven’t said to them.

A Farewell letter to girlfriend shows how much you love her and her companion. This message is no different from goodbye letter; it is written when you are leaving your girlfriend. You can explain the reason for your permanent leave. The letter should express your genuine and sincere feelings you have for her. As it is a farewell letter, you may express how sad you feel for your leave. In the end, mention that you will remember her in each and every moment of your life.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Farewell Letter To A Girlfriend



2-d, Srujuna Apartments,






8-c, Sai Sadhan,

Anna Nagar,


Dear Harika,

How are you, my love? I know it has been very tough for us last few months and we wanted to take a break from our relationship. I know it is hard for both of us to handle this situation but rather than holding on to each other it is better if we take a break. We don’t even know if this break is a temporary or not.

I still remember or first meet and how you reacted when I first approached you. The struggle I did to make you impress and make you fall in love with me is unexplainable. I love the fun we used to have, but now the things have changed we are not even talking to each other properly. I do not know why this distance has come between us. I never thought that this situation would come to us. I feel very sorry for us being like this. We know how much we suffered last few months and I think now is the time we say goodbye to each other. Probably these are last words with you after this I think it is better if we never contact each other. I would like you to know I much I love you and care for you. Even if I am parting from you, you will always be remembered, and  I wish you all the right luck in your life.

With Love,



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