Farewell Letter to a Friend


A Farewell letter is written when you are moving away from someone or a person close to you. It can be written to your friend or your colleague or any of your loved ones. A Farewell Letter to a Friend is written to inform your friend that you are leaving with good wishes. The letter can be light and easy with reasons and forwarding address or contact so that the friendship can be continued even if they are apart.

In this letter, you can say the things that you haven’t said when you are with him or her. If necessary, you can state the reason why you are leaving. This letter can make your friend feel happy not for leaving him or her but for intimating him or her before you leave. In the end, mention that you will always remember him or her no matter where you are.

Sample Farewell Letter to Friend:


Shirley R. Reed

3452 Olive Street

Toledo, OH 43602



Wendy D. Smith

4339 Horizon Circle

Tukwila, WA 98188

Hi Wendy

Re: Goodbye!

I hate goodbyes, but I have to drop you a note that I shall be leaving Toledo at the end of the week to New York! We have always discussed how exciting New York is and that we should make our way there someday.  I have decided to get a job in New York, and I did! New York Fashion Belles offered me a job as one of their commercial designers. I am so excited. I will finally see New York for what it is.

Once I settle down, I will write to you again to visit me and explore the lovely place. I know it might be a while as things might get hectic. I was starting work with NYFB on DD/MM/YYYY, and I have yet to get some accommodation. I know that from now onwards we will get no time to meet, to chit chat or to go to movies together but I think that we have enjoyed a lot in our lives and now is the time to achieve our goals. I know that you are interested in telecommunications and I think New York serves as a significant platform for you. So I suggest you come to New York as soon as possible so that we can be together here and you can achieve your goals. Anyways it is up to you to decide, I want the best for you. I will always miss the fun we used to have. Once all is set there, you can come over for some time. Until then farewell my friend.  Wish me luck!

Your Pal,


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