Family Reunion Welcome Letter

Family Reunion Welcome Letter


A Family Reunion Welcome letter is an important letter that makes the recipient welcomed back to the family, in particular for a reunion. The letter holds forgiveness of past misgivings that a family is willing to part in welcoming back the recipient. Joyous times are ahead for the recipient and his family. Both the parties endeavor and promise to forgive the wrongdoings of one another and start a new beginning and turn a new leaf in their lives.

The letter inviting such a reunion should begin with a cordial tone by mentioning how there has been no communication for the particular period owing to misunderstandings that are now getting cleared. The letter should then inquire about the health of the receiver. The writer of the letter should then move on to ask for forgiveness for the mistakes of her/his part. And hope that the reader also is willing to move on from the misgivings of the past. Such a letter should be written in an informal language, with a polite, apologetic and welcoming tone.

Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of a Family Reunion Welcome Letter.


The Pattersons
3200 Grand Street
Sugar Land, TX 99832



William Patterson
682 Hillside Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Dearest William,

SUBJECT: Family Reunion Welcome

We are so delighted to hear from you after your five years of silence. We did not part ways on good terms, even then you have always been in my heart. We are very excited to welcome you back home. We have forgotten the past and want to live a happy present and future with you. I hope even you do so. We are also sorry for the silence and the wrongdoings on our part. We should also have tried to understand you, your situation and wishes better. You were and will always be a part of the family. We love you and welcome you back to the lovely family. We all are waiting to spend time with you.

Your mother and I have decorated the home, stocked good food in the refrigerator and booked tickets to visit the destination you so much love. Your sister will also be there with us, and it would be a fun experience. Your sister has so painstakingly cleaned your old room and kept things just the way you like them. We also have repaired your old motorcycle for your use while you are here. We are looking forward to your return. Inform anyone of us your time of arrival, and we will come to pick you up.

Free yourself from your busy schedule at your office and come to us to have some rest that so desperately must need. I am sure your colleagues will also understand and grant you leave for this occasion.

With all our love,

Dad, Mom, Jean, Joy & Marcus

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