Family Reunion Announcement Letter

Introduction :

A Family Reunion Announcement letter is an important letter that informs all members of the family about the upcoming planned reunion for the family. A family reunion is an important time to get together for all family members to strengthen the family bonds while updating each other of the life’s happenings. While growing up, everyone from the family goes away to find their success and establish themselves in their respective fields. However, one must never forget that our family is the most important people we have in our lives.

A family reunion announcement letter is an informal letter written to all the members of a family to invite them to the planned reunion. It contains the details of the reunion. It is a great way to meet up with your long lost cousins and take a break from the monotonous life. Family love is the best kind of love, and it is amazing when you have a huge extended family to experience the same.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of family reunion announcement letter.


Lois Smith,

200 Oblong Street,
Sugar Land, TX 99832



All Members of the Smith Family,

Dear All,

Subject: Family Reunion Announcement

Each one of us was very busy during the last holiday season as it was year end with many away or busy with work. Now that each has settled in the New Year, Dad is calling for a reunion of all of us back at the family ranch this DD/MM/YYYY. It has been a long time since we all sat together and had fun. I am terribly missing each one of you. And I know it is the same with you.

If you can recall, it is Dad’s 60th birthday, and he is eager to have all of us there to celebrate his special day with him. I think it is appropriate to meet up with Dad and Mom on this special day. So, mark your calendar and keep this date for Dad! No excuses shall be entertained this time. I have planned some surprises for dad which I shall tell once you all confirm your presence, which you have to.

Dad also mentioned that he has some important news to announce; so, better to hear it for yourself. Don’t dare break his heart that day by not coming there.

Do confirm your attendance with me before the end of this month. We shall all fly to him together. I am sure that would make him really happy. Hoping to see you there.

With love,

Sister Lois

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