Explanation Letter

Introduction :

An Explanation letter is written to give an explanation or to justify a condition or situation. A company could write it in response to a complaint received, or it could be a personal letter from one individual to another to help further understanding on the matter. It should be politely written to avoid further conflict. The best way to resolve any conflict is to provide an explanation for the reason it happened in the first place. An explanation is after all always better than an apology.

An explanation letter can be formal or informal depending on the person it has been addressed to. It should mention the reason behind the misunderstanding and provide a proper explanation along with a promise of never having a repeat the same in the future. Keep the tone of the letter apologetic as it helps in understanding the things better.


Sample :

The following is the sample of explanation letter.



Myra AU,

Customer Service Manager,

Oriental Carpets.

102 Maple Drive,
Alexander City, AL 32710.



Henry Mayor,

117 Floral Point,
Memphis, MS 31764.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Explanation of the Received Complaint against the Poor Product Quality

Thank you for your feedback and concern about one of our products which you have recently purchased from us. I am writing in response to your letter dated DD/MM/YYYY.

After investigations, we are ready to explain to you the situation better. Thank you for your patience.

The 200cm x 160cm oriental piece carpet with product code, OC8930 that you bought is an ex-stock; the manager of the store had mentioned that explicitly to you which accounted for its huge discount.

The fading of colors on the carpet is due to the unfavorable moisture and temperature in the location it is placed. Too much moisture can cause the colors to fade over the time. The carpet needs to be kept in the sunlight every week; if the room temperature is not consistent at 25 degrees C, to dry up the excess moisture, as listed in the maintenance booklet, pg 2.

We can restore your carpet condition to new if you would like to bring it in. If you apply the proper maintenance on the carpet after that, you will be satisfied with our products. Hope this explanation satisfies you. If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Myra AU

Customer Service Manager

Oriental Carpets

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