Experience Certificate

A certificate is an official document which provides authorization to a particular fact or event. An Experience Certificate is a kind of certificate which is written by an employer of a particular organization for his or her employee who has taken the decision to leave the organization.

Such an official document authenticates the experience of that employee in the current organization. It is a very important document because it will help the employee in his or her new job. Therefore, It must be written in the right manner with an appropriate use of grammar and speech.

It must include necessary details such as the name of the current organization, the time period which the employee has served in the company, signature or stamp of the authorized person. The certificate should mention the role of the employee as well as the duties for which he or she has been responsible. It should also highlight his or her certain notable attributes. The document should be concluded by wishing good luck to the employee for his or her future endeavours.

The following is a sample of an Experience Certificate.

Sample Experience Certificate


This is to verify that Mr. Barnaby Nash has worked as the IT Technical Support Engineer in our organization, Network Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd., for a term of one year, that is, from March 1, 2016, to March 3, 2017.

During the tenure of his work, Mr. Nash was found to be one of the most dedicated employees of our organization. His major responsibilities included designing and implementing the information systems, analysing the marketing research data, handling of all the security alerts as well as reviewing them and, investigating and analyzing the process of malware incidents. He was also responsible for performing the computer forensic investigations.

His professionalism, as well as hardwork, has been beneficial for the advancement of our organization. His strong analytical skills and his efficient ability to examine the computer systems have been helpful in maintaining regulatory computer networks. His motivation and confidence enabled him to take up initiative assignments. Every project and task that was assigned to him was successfully completed with respect to the time periods.

The behavioural conduct of Mr. Nash during his employment period with us has also been satisfactory. He has been observed to be a sincere and trustworthy person. No improper deportment was reported against him.

We believe that he will maintain his sincere conduct and work dedicatedly with every organization that he will join. We wish Mr. Barnaby Nash good luck for all his future endeavours.

Yours sincerely,
Robert K. Smith,
Managing Director,
Network Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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