Executive Resume Cover Letter

Introduction :

A post as an executive is a prestigious one, and many people aim to achieve it.  They are the ones who manage a large number of employees under them to guide them towards the achievement of organizational goals. However, it ‘s hard to get the job as an executive as it requires multiple skills and a good educational background. One must possess qualities such as leadership skills, command over language and an aim to be the best in the organization.

An executive resume cover letter is a formal letter written by a person who is seeking the post of an executive in a company to the HR department of that company. The person mentions all his skills and educational qualifications in brief along with the resume. An executive resume cover letter must be written in a way that it would influence those who will read the applications. Check out the sample and template to learn how to write one.


Sample :

The following is the sample of executive resume cover letter.



Abeg Saha,

Senior Executive,

PRT Pvt. Ltd.



Sumanta Ghosh,

HR Executive,

Omno Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Executive Cover Letter.

Dear Mr. Ghosh,

With this letter, I would like to express my desire towards filling the position of senior manager in your company. I have been working as an executive for over more than ten years at Iosis International and have acquired the skills that an executive must possess.

However, after working for almost 20 years in that company, I wanted to change as your firm has more growth possibility. I have done my part here and wish to work in a company where I can lead a new set of people and help in the achievement of organizational goals too.

My achievements in the years that I’ve worked as an executive includes –

  1. Awarded as the best leader in the western zone.
  2.  The most hardworking employee of the year by my company.
  3. The most valuable asset to the company.
  4. Most innovative thinker by my business.

I know that an executive plays a major role in the organization as it is his guidance which paves the path for many juniors who work under him. I assure you that the information provided in this cover letter and of my educational qualifications in my resume are true to their nature. I shall give my best here to justify the titles given to me in my years of working as an executive.

Thank you for taking time to read out my application. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Abeg Saha,

Senior Executive,

PRT Pvt. Ltd.

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