Excursion Permission Letter



Excursion Permission Letter is a letter written by a teacher or a faculty member of a college who wants to take students for a trip for a given period for recreation. It is written to the school principal or head of the department or head of the college. As the letter is written to a higher official, it should be a formal one.

The letter should contain the details like from when the writer wants to take leave, i.e., from date and to date should be mentioned explicitly. If it is a letter written to the school principle, the teacher should say the reason for excursion and why it is important to take the children to it. He/she should assure that the children studies will not get affected by taking this leave. Mention the importance of leave so that the recipient can approve it. If it is a letter written by a faculty member of the college a brief detail of the trip is no need.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Excursion Permission Letter:



History Teacher,

Vidyanikethan High School,






The principal,

Vidyanikethan High School,



Subject: Excursion Permission Letter.

Respected Sir,

I am Harika, working as a history teacher in your school since 2011. The main reason to write this letter is I am planning to take 8th class children for an excursion this month. As these children have many interesting topics in their history subject, I feel that it is important for them to expand their knowledge by practical experience. So I planned to take them for an excursion trip. The tour includes Thotlakonda Buddhist Archeological Temple, Kandakam Old Fort wall, Gandhi Hills, Undavalli caves, and so on.

The tour lasts for one week, and the total estimated cost is 5000 per head. Another teacher will assist me in looking after the children. We are planning to start the excursion on 20th of this month as it lasts for one week the end date will be 26/5/2016. As we have to take your permission, we are intimating you early so that we can announce the matter to the children after your approval. I promise you that the trip will be safe and the students’ studies will not be damaged by this one week gap. As our school mainly concentrates on practical knowledge of students, I hope that you will permit us for this excursion. If you have any doubts regarding this matter, you can contact me. Hope I would get a quick and positive reply. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


History Teacher.

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