Excellence Certificate

An Excellence Certificate is a kind of certificate which is given to a person for the quality of being extremely good in a particular task or field. It may be awarded by an educational institution to a student for performing supremely or it may be presented to an employee of an organization by his or her employee for a notable performance.

Certificates of such kind not only encourage the person who is receiving it but other people also who are working or studying with him or her.

The certificate must be written very professionally as it will be important for the receiver in the future. It should mention clearly the reason for which this certificate is being given to the person. The name of the organization or institution which is issuing the document must also be mentioned. Mistakes of any kinds should not be made in the content and in case any facts are mentioned then they must be correct in nature.

The following is a sample of Excellence Certificate.

Sample Excellence Certificate

To whomsoever it may concern

This certificate is, hereby, being presented to Mr. Mohammad Ali by S. U. V. College of Arts and Commerce, University of Mumbai, on October 15, 2017, for performing excellently well in academics.

Mr. Mohammad Ali is a student of S. U. V. College of Arts and Commerce, pursuing graduation in Bachelor of Honours in English. He is a final year student who had been admitted to the institution in the year 2014. It is a great pleasure to announce that he is one of the hardworking and intelligent students of the college. During the time period of graduation, his academic performance in every examination has been exemplary, therefore, the teachers of the art department had taken the decision to nominate Mr. Ali for receiving this honor. He has maintained a splendid record of receiving distinction in every semester. He has attained 72 percent in semester 1, 75.21 percent in semester 2, and 75.67 percent in semester 3. Along with academics, his participation and performance in education-related debates and programs have also been admirable.

This certificate is awarded every year to students of both arts and commerce departments with influential academic records. This year it is being given to Mr. Mohammad Ali for being one of the best students of the arts department. We believe that he will maintain his performance and make the college proud.

Thanking you.

Pooja K. Sharma,


S. U. V. College of Arts and Commerce

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