Event Cancellation Letter


An Event Cancellation Letter is used to cancel or postpone an event or a program. The cancellation letter maybe of several types as may be the nature of the event or program being canceled. The event maybe a business or a personal one. The event may be canceled due to certain non-negotiable reasons, such as unavailability of the venue, inappropriate weather conditions, or unprofitable sales, in the case of tickets. Canceling an event may hamper the position of the organization or the person who is organizing the event. However, by writing an Event Cancellation Letter, that position may be retained.

The letter should consist of three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should state the reason for writing the letter. The body of the letter should mention the reasons for canceling the event or program. The writer may also choose to postpone the event and inform the receiver of the same. The letter may be concluded by apologizing for the cancellation of the event.

Event Cancellation Letter – Sample

The following is the sample of an Event Cancellation Letter.


Hemashri Roy

B-121, Blue Ocean Building,

Dilshad Garden,

New Delhi-110023



Sunita Gupta

H-18, Tara Apartments,

Press Enclave,

New Delhi-110017

Subject: Cancellation of Birthday Party

Dear Sunita,

It is with deep regret that I inform you that the birthday celebration party of my dear daughter, which was supposed to be held on Wednesday, DD/MM/YYYY,  is being canceled.

Although the event had been extremely special as my daughter, Riya, was going to turn one year old, due to an unfortunate event, we took up the decision to cancel it. Riya’s grandmother was traveling from Delhi to Jaipur, and during her train journey, she met with an accident. She has been admitted to a hospital in Jaipur. The situation demands that we all go to visit her and take care of her at the hospital. She has been injured severely, as we have been reported. Hence, we are not able to decide about the postponement of the party. You have been a very understanding neighbor to us. Therefore, I would like to request you to kindly take care of our house in our absence.

I, on behalf of my entirely family, apologize you for any inconvenience that the cancellation might have caused or will be causing to you. We acknowledge and thank you for the time that you managed to put in for the celebration of my daughter’s first birthday.

Thanking you for your cooperation and patience.

Yours sincerely,

Hemashree Roy

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