English formal letter, Sample & Format

English formal letterAn English formal letter is written in a formal manner using conventional format to showcase the professionalism that is to be conveyed through the letter. It can be written to make a request or to convey an opinion, but the wordings are carefully chosen to construct proper sentences that will not cause offense to the reader.


Duke Henry Fanning

4410 Corpening Drive
Troy, MI 48084

May 30, 2010


Sir Alfred Williams

62497 HillStar Drive
Lansing, MI 2192

Dear Sir Williams

Re: Invitation to Tea Party

It is my greatest pleasure to invite you and your lovely wife, Lady Sarah Williams, to join me for a Tea Party at the Troy Equestrian Club House on June 25, 2010, at 5 pm.

Knowing that you share the same passion as me in good breeds, I would highly welcome your opinion on my latest stable collection of foals and stallions before they make their debut in any public appearance. This collection has been specially bred from Africa which is renowned for its beauty and speed.

There will be a few expert breeders present to offer their opinions on my latest collection. It will give me great honor to have you grace this occasion. I look forward to exchanging opinions with you then.

Respectfully yours,

Henry Fanning


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