Engineering Resume Cover Letter

Introduction :

Engineering is the most sought after course in today’s generation. Every parent wants their children to take up science and then, later on, study engineering, electrical, mechanical, computers etc. And why not? It helps one in getting a technical degree and in today’s generation of technology it counts important. However, getting a degree and getting a job are two different things. To get a job, one has to maintain a good score and also a present a proper resume along with a cover letter to impress the interviewers.

An engineering resume cover letter is a formal letter that is written along with the resume presented by the candidate to his interviewers that mentions about his qualifications and other things written in resume in brief. It must be written with extreme professionalism and nothing should be left out. Once through the letter, check for grammatical errors.


Sample :

The following is the sample of engineering resume cover letter.



Shikhar Prasad,

General Manager,

P&R Steel Pvt. Ltd.



Avinash Mishra,

HR Executive,

Jindal Steel Pvt Ltd.

Subject – Resume Cover Letter.

Dear Mr. Mishra,

My name is Shikhar Prasad, and I’ve been working with P&R Steel Pvt. Ltd. for past four years. I was going through the various engineering jobs when I found the one I was looking for. That was posted by your company.

I have a Electrical Engineering degree from IIT Delhi and have been working as one ever since I’ve graduated. However, the company I am working in currently doesn’t have as much growth options as I want in my career. Your company undertakes the type of projects that I wish to undertake, and that is what interested me to apply for a job here.

In my time as an electrical engineer, I have been able to do my work diligently and have even been awarded as the best among my colleagues.

Thank you for taking your time to read out my application. I would love to work in your company, so if you find something worth job’s position in my resume, do inform me regarding the interview. I shall be awaiting your call.

Yours Sincerely,

Shikhar Prasad,

General Manager,

P&R Steel Pvt. Ltd.


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