Endorsement Letter


An endorsement letter is one wherein a person or a party endorses a company or vice versa. It is done to influence others regarding that person/party or company. It could be done for products, educational institutes, etc. Endorsement of products via a celebrity is a great way of marketing products nowadays. It creates an immediate effect on customers when they see their favorite celebrity endorsing that product. However, one should always keep in mind certain things while writing an endorsement letter.

An endorsement letter is a formal letter and has to be written with professionalism. It should contain all the details of the products which might influence a customer’s will to buy that product. No false hopes and information should be given. It creates a bad impression of the company. Mention as to why should one concisely buy that product. Once through the letter, check for grammatical correctness of the same.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of an endorsement letter.


Purushottam Mishra,

Business Relations Manager,

Sunsang Pvt Ltd.



Naveen Bhoi,

TER Apartments,

New Delhi.

Subject – Endorsement Letter.

Dear Naveen,

Warm greetings to you from our side. You have been a valuable customer of us since its inception. One of our biggest investors and business partners have launched their very own first tablet. It has the latest features which have been disclosed in the papers attached with this letter.

Customers these days are very choosy about their electronic products. They all want something that is durable in nature and at the same time has all the latest features. After researching for a long time and personally talking to people about what they prefer more, i.e., whether they would want a laptop or a tablet, they came to the conclusion that tablet is loved by most of them. It is easy to carry around and has specifications of a laptop. Plus, it is also budget friendly. It has been kept at low budget so that people of every income group can afford it.

Tablets are the new next generation product that everyone wants to own for it is comfortable to operate without having to carry the huge laptop around all the time. This is the one that is suitable for every age group, be it children who can use it for their educational or game purposes, i.e., learn with some fun, for adults who can use it for their work too. We recommend the product and suggest you order soon to get an introductory discount of 15%. Please go through the enclosed to know more about the product.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Purushottam Mishra,

Business Relations Manager,

Sunsang Pvt Ltd.

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