Ending a Formal Letter, Sample & Format

Ending a Formal LetterEnding a formal letter properly is essential to a well-written letter to impact the recipient or reader of the letter. An official letter is usually an important letter containing much substance in the body of the letter. A good ending of the letter will confirm the good impression of the sender.


Graham Ross

Accounts Officer

Madison National Bank

1753 Spinnaker Lane
Madison, IL 53704

February 13, 2011


Larry Blount

1174 Alfred Drive
Madison, IL 53704

Dear Sir

RE: Overdrawn Account

I am writing on behalf of Madison National Bank to inform you that your checking account has been overdrawn.

A recent transaction that occurred on February 12, 2011, saw a check issuance of $550 withdrawn from your checking account. This transaction will cause an overdrawn amount of $120 from your checking account.

It is the Bank’s policy to inform you to top up your checking account immediately before the check is rejected officially. You are required to top up $120 into your checking account before noon by February 14, 2011. An overdrawn penalty of $30 will be imposed for such transactions.

Please include this amount in your topping up.

Thank you for your attention on this matter. Thank you for using Madison National Bank.

Yours Sincerely,

Graham Ross

Accounts Officer

Madison National Bank

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