Encouragement Love Letter

Introduction :

An encouragement love letter is one wherein one partner lays down his feelings towards another partner, in the hope of making that person understand the bright future that is in front of them. It is a tough part being in a relationship as it a huge responsibility. Not only you are responsible for your own self but also the happiness of the other person involved. Not everyone is vocal about their feelings and some might even see relationship as a tiresome thing after sometime as it involves investment of time to keepĀ a relationship going. However, if a person feels strongly for another, he/she shouldn’t hold back and always tell their partner the same.

An encouragement love letter is written when a partner wishes to express his/her feelings to another but can’t do so verbally. It takes a great deal of courage to profess one’s feelings. Putting it all in a letter is a great way of telling how much you care about that person. Even though it is an ancient gesture, nevertheless, it is still one of the sweetest ones till now.

Sample :

The following is the sample of encouragement love letter.



Udiksha Choudhary,

Poru Apartments,

New Delhi.



Saurabh Tiwari,

Highware Apartments,

New Delhi.

Subject – Love.

Dear Saurabh,

Hello love, how are you? I hope well and good. Its been a month since we last met owing to our commitment to our work. However, in this period, I have realised that it is difficult for me to stay away from you. We have been dating for two years, and I think it’s time I confess my strong feelings for you.

I always thought that datingĀ entailed two people who cared about each other and had fun in their company. However, with you, the definition of if has changed for me. I not only care about you and have fun in your company, but I want to be with you. Always. I want to know everything about you and how your day has been and tell you about mine. I want to travel my favorite destinations by your side. I never thought that I could feel so intensely for someone but I did. Initially, I wasn’t sure of telling you all this, because we both are career oriented and want to focus solely on that. However, I realized, there’s no harm in telling someone that you love them. Of course, I don’t expect you to reciprocate the same right now, but I want to tell you that I see a bright future with you.

I love you and miss you. Hoping to see you soon.

With Love,

Udiksha Choudhary,


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