Encourage the Team Members to Increase Sales Letter

Introduction :

Every business exists to earn a profit. It’s the main motto whenever the operations of a business firm start. Sales are the best way to earn revenue and thereby increase the profit of the firm. However, it is not the sole responsibility of the owner to see through it that this objective is achieved. So, one must always encourage his team members to come up with various methods to increase the sales and work harder to meet the target.

Encouraging other people to do something isn’t an easy thing to deal with. It requires determination to set their minds to achieve that objective. This letter should be addressed to the people in a way that it focuses in their trait that would help them achieve this objective and an incentive should also be mentioned along with it. Human mind always works better when it receives a benefit of someone doing something for someone else.


Sample :

The following is the sample of encouraging team members to increase sales letter.



Rishab Chaturvedi,

Sales Manager,

Apparels Redefined.



Parth Rai,

Assistant sales manager,

Apparels Redefined.

Subject – Increase in Sales.

Dear Mr. Rai,

As you know, ARĀ is one of the leading business houses in the country. Not only has it achieved whatever milestones it set for the year but it was one among the 20 fashion houses to have represented India at the International fashion week a month ago. This success overseas has given an idea to build a branch of fashion houseĀ abroad.

For this purpose, we need to delegate a team of hardworking people that includes you, would be researching the area and what the people over there prefer. Indian wear shall be our top priority as we specialize in that and all others sort of stores are already there in tons. The main focus should be on to make as many sales as possible.

Establishing a name in a new place is a difficult task. First and foremost task of yours should be to be target a particular set of customers, mainly the Indians and sell according to their preferences. Make the fashion house’s name known amongst the Indians first, so that they can help spread the word around. I have always known that you make for a good leader, so I would like you to exercise your best skills here to convince people to give our products a try. The people working on this project to increase the sales abroad shall be rewarded with a 20% bonus and will be reimbursed for the traveling expenses. I look forward to seeing you around.

Yours Sincerely,

Rishab Chaturvedi,

Sales Manager,

Apparels Redefined.

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