Employment Verification Letters


An employment verification is one that is written by the employer to whosoever needs the verification from the employee, confirming his employment with them. It is required at various places such as while taking insurance, various loans or even while living in some area. It acts a verification on the part of the person stating that he actually works at a particular place or has worked at a place, in case the employment verification is asked by his new employers.

An employment verification letter is a formal letter written by the employer on request of an employee. It must contain the correct details of position at which the employee is working in the organization and how he is at his work. Required documents should also be enclosed with the letter just to help fasten the verification process. Verification letters are taken very seriously and so they should be written with utmost honesty and provide accurate information.


Sample :

The following is the sample of an employment verification letter.


Siddhant Agrawal,

HR Executive,

PetroChem Pvt. Ltd.



Varsha Mehani,

Administrative head,

RioTa Pvt. Ltd..

Subject – Employment verification letter.

Dear Varsha,

This letter is written to verify that Mr. Pushpak Mishra is an employee of PetroChem Pvt. Ltd. He has worked here for the duration of 3 years i.e., from 3rd May 2007 to 30 April 2010.

His position is that of a manager and his responsibilities include making daily reports of those working under him, guiding them through their work and reporting it all to his superior. He is a hardworking employee and has always given his best to the job he has been entitled with. He has this non-wavering determination to complete the task assigned to him on time and also to help his colleagues and subordinates in the same, to achieve organizational goals on time.

He is also very adjusting person and a good superior that every subordinates respect.  He is always keen to share his ideas on every project which have always turned out to be amazing ones. I assure you that with him in your organization, you won’t have any issues. He is what we call as the problem solver in his department. I have attached the required documents along with this letter. If you have any other queries, feel free to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Siddhant Agrawal,

HR Executive,

PetroChem Pvt. Ltd.


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