Employment Verification Letter

Employment Verification Letter


An Employment Verification letter is written by a company to verify the current employment of an individual with a prior mentioned organization. This letter could be written to confirm the company’s employee status that will enable the employee to perform certain tasks such as applying for a bank loan, purchase of a car or to secure the renting of a premise. The employee who is applying for a loan or credit of some sort that is based on trust of his ability to pay it back usually is required to mention the current place of their employment so that the creditor or lender may verify the authenticity of their particulars.

A few things need to be kept in mind while writing such a letter. Such a letter should be written formally, politely and without any grammatical, structural or spelling errors. The writer of the letter should introduce the cause of writing the letter and the employee concerned to the reader, to save the time of all parties concerned, at the beginning, itself. Then the company should proceed to provide a verification of character and financial status. The letter should end by thanking the reader and providing a final assurance of the employee’s ingenuity.

Sample Letter:


Human Resource Manager
Alpha Industry
1110 Sunset Road
Henderson, NV 83029



The Manager,
Occidental Bank of Commerce,
Bankers’ Lane,
3214 Sunset Road
Henderson, NV 83029

RE: Employment Verification

Herewith, this letter serves to verify that Mr. Graham Joseph is a current employee at Alpha Industry. He is holding the position of Sales Manager with a basic income of $250,000 annually, not including allowances and commission. Mr. Joseph has been in Alpha Industry’s employment since DD/MM/YYYY when he first started as a Sales Assistant. In this decade of service, he has displayed a stellar work ethic of record with being known as a punctual and reliable worker and individual. He enjoys the company’s trust. He is married with two teenage children and lives in the upstate of this same city in his house. He is an exemplary employee at Alpha Industry.

This is a brief account of his activities during his decade of service to us. I trust that the above verification on Mr. Graham Joseph will compel you to extend your hand of assistance to him in whatever manner that is required. Mr. Joseph is an exemplary candidate as he is an employee. All previous loans that have been sought through the company have always been paid before time, in the past. This letter should serve as a testament to his character integrity and financial ability. I have signed, attested and attached all the legal documents that were required to be enclosed with this letter. Kindly retrieve them for your benevolent consideration.

Please feel free to contact the Human Resource Management of Alpha Industries should you need further clarifications with regards to Mr. Joseph. We will be more than happy to be of assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Miles Taylor

Human Resource Manager
Alpha Industry

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