Employment Thank you Letter

Employment Thank you Letter Introduction:

A successful job applicant writes An Employment Thank you in response to his successful employment in an organization. This letter is the reply letter to the employee acceptance letter. The successful candidate writes to thank the organization for the job offer as well as inform the management that he is accepting the offer according to the terms and conditions set. This letter to show genuine gratitude and thankfulness to the employer. This shows good work ethics by the successful candidate. In this letter, if the selected employee wants, can ask about details of work and information that he is inquisitive about including work leave, working hours and bonuses. Also, if the employee does not agree to any of the terms or conditions of the employment contract, then this is a good platform to let the employer know about the changes you want in the contract. It is a pleasure of getting employed in the company you wished to work for so be careful to always write in a polite tone, and even discomforts and complaints should be handled politely.

This is a formal letter, and so it is very important for the employee to have it written short, simple and precise. Also, the employee should keep in my mind the correct format and the precise words that he should use while writing this letter. Since it is a thank you letter, the writer should end by thanking the employer for the opportunity and should promise to live up to expectations.

Sample Letter:


Virginia T. Cook

997 Doe Meadow Drive
Washington, MD 20005



Joe C. Banda

Recruitment Manager

Eastwind Trading Services

3179 Quarry Drive
Selma, AL 36703

Dear Sir

RE: Thank you for Employment Offer

I am writing to thank you for your kind offer to the post of Administrator in Eastwind Trading Services.

I would like to respond to this job offer with an affirmation. I am delighted to join your esteemed company as of DD/MM/YYYY. I shall be present at the office on that day with the necessary documentations as per your request.

I thank you for believing in my knowledge, skills and potential to contribute to the further success of Eastwind Trading Services. Thank you again for this excellent opportunity to be part of this great and successful organization. I am looking forward to learning and contribute my best to share in its continued growth and success.

Yours Sincerely,

Virginia Cook

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