Employment Separation Letter


It is an employee’s duty to inform the management of their organization whenever they plan to separate from the Company. An Employment Separation letter is a formal letter which informs the Management of an organization that an employee is leaving.The separation can be due to various reasons, which might be mentioned to the management and given prior notice so that a replacement can be found without hindering the workflow of the organization.

It is a formal notice and so should follow a formal tone.¬† The intimation to separation from the organization by the employee can be given through an official letter to the Human Resource Department of the company with a valid reason and should be given well in advance before the date on which they would finally be gone. The letter should end with a positive note and should also provide the employee’s contact information in case of any emergencies.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of an Employment Separation letter


Amelia Johnson

Sales Manager,

Siren Pharmaceuticals




The Human Resource Department

Siren Pharmaceuticals


Respected Sir/Mam,

SUBJECT: Notice of separation from the company

I, Amelia Johnson, have worked with your esteemed company, Siren Pharmaceuticals, in the Sales department for the past eight years and have been a Sales Manager for a good three years now. Your organization has helped me learn a lot about the sales strategies and the business administration aspects of a pharmaceutical company. But, now it is time for me to bid farewell.

I would be shifting to New York next month for personal reasons and thus, would not be able to continue my work with this organization that I have loved dearly. I would always cherish all the friends that I have made here and all the memories that I have inside the corridors of this office.

I am separating from the company and DD/MM/YYYY, would be my last working day here. I wish this organization all the very best and hope that it grows each passing day. I hope that you oblige with this letter and clear out all my dues and bid me a warm farewell. In case, I ever need to be contacted in any emergency, I have provided my contact details with the Sales Secretary, Samantha Jones.

As I part from this organization, I would like to suggest Justin Brown, Senior  Sales Associate, to be considered as my replacement.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

Amelia Johnson

Sales Manager

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