Employment Rejection Letter

Employment Rejection LetterIntroduction

An Employment Rejection letter is written to inform the company that the sender will not accept the job offer. It is a formal action to send an employment rejection letter to decline a job offer where the reason for the decline may or may not be given. However, as a form of professional courtesy, it is recommended that you let them know the reason for which you are declining them. It is not necessary to get into the details of this reason; it can be mentioned in one simple short line as well.

Since you are declining a job opportunity, you need to maintain a tone of gratitude. The language used should be simple and direct as well as polite. This should be ensured as the letter is a courteous and professional so that future employment opportunities may be possible. End the letter with a thank you note which wishes the company all the very best for future endeavors.



Anne Matthews

1027 Second Street
Beaumont, TX 73281



Recruitment Manager

Far East Travel Agency

128 Ferguson Avenue
Hopkinton, MA 01948

Dear Sir / Madam,

RE: Declining Employment Offer

I am writing this letter in response to employment offer letter I received from your prestigious firm. However, it is with great regret that I inform you that I have to decline your gracious offer of the post of Receptionist at your esteemed organization. With all due respect, I am not comfortable with your employment terms and conditions as stated in your offer letter dated DD/MM/YYYY.

The primary reason why I can not take up this job oppurtunity is because I am a single mom with a 2 year old daughter at home. The long working hours do not suit me as I have to be come by 5 pm every day to look after her. My inability to adjust to long working hours due to personal reasons is why I will have to decline this offer. Although I did apply for the said post from your advertisement, it did not mention the requirement to be transferred to other branches as and when the company seems necessary. This clause will be inconvenient for me who depends on public transport for any travel.

Thank you so much for your time to consider my application. I apologize for any inconvenience caused with this declination of an employment offer. I wish the very best for your firm.

Yours sincerely

Anne Matthews


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