Employment Joining Letter

Introduction :

An employment joining letter is one that is written by a company representative to a prospective candidate who has been selected for the job/position he/she had applied for. Many candidates apply for their desired jobs every time the vacancies are announced. Since there are a lot of candidates, the screening process takes time and hence the candidates are informed of their employment through letters only. It has been a traditional way of informing an individual of his placement.

An employment joining letter is a formal letter that states the fact that the candidate has been selected for his/her desired job position. This letter mentions his job profile, pay roll and all other things which the candidate is required to know while joining the company. These letters are generally concise and to the point. It also acts a congratulatory letter from the organization itself. Once through the letter, check for grammatical correctness.


Sample :

The following is the sample of employment joining letter.



Vishesh Agrawal,

HR Executive,

Steel Strips Ltd.



Seema mittal,

A-4, Dreamland apartments,

New Delhi.

Subject – Employment Joining Letter.

Dear Seema,

It is with great delight I am writing to you to inform you that you’ve been selected for the position you had applied for in our company. It was a tedious task to select one candidate among the 50, but we are glad that it is over now. Quite a lot of people were qualified for this job. However, you gave the best answers in the interview taken last week. We need that kind of spunk and spur of the moment ideas to successfully implement our plans. So, congratulations on securing your job as an assistant architect in our company. We hope that you will find the environment work friendly¬†and would give you the opportunity for growth in your field, as you have mentioned in your bio.

Now, since you have been assigned the post of assistant architect, you shall be on one month training period with your supervisor Mr. Arnav Singh, who shall brief you regarding your responsibilities and will also guide you through the same. The training commences on 8th September, 2009. You have to report at the office at 9 am sharp and then you shall be given further instructions.

All other details regarding your employment has been mentioned in the sheet attached with this letter. If you wish to accept the position, revert back to us as soon as possible. Wishing you best of luck!


Yours sincerely,

Vishesh Agrawal,

HR Executive,

Steel Strips Ltd.

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