Employment Enquiry Letter


An Employment Enquiry letter is written by a potential job seeker. This letter is written when someone is looking for a job in a particular field, and he or she wants to find out if the company has an opening in the interested field. This can further be categorized into two types- when a candidate is seeking for a job in the company or can also be written after the candidate has given an interview with the company and wished to enquire about the status of his or her application.

This letter can simply be put forward by stating that you have given an interview and want to know if you have been selected or not. One must start the letter by mentioning about their qualifications and what they think makes them fit for the job. Always remember to attach a copy of your cover letter along with your resume in an inquiry letter. Be courteous and formal in the letter. Keep it brief and to the point. End it with a thank you.

Sample Letter:


Deepti Vilasa

Apt No. 34

PT Vihar






UC Office

Building 8, Udyog Vihar



Subject: Employment Inquiry Letter

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am a third-year student, currently pursuing Eco Hons from Miranda House, Delhi University. I will be graduating soon and, therefore, am seeking for jobs. Given my background and interests, I am looking for the position of a business developer with your company.

I am incredibly drawn to the startup culture. I feel like start-ups provide with a plethora of opportunities to grow and learn while simultaneously giving exposure to other fields as well. I have consistently maintained a GPA of 8 over the past three years. In addition to my academics, I am also the secretary general of the economics department at my college and was involved in a multitude of extracurricular activities. Being a part of the college business society, I was given the task of arranging sponsorship. This honed my analytical and interpersonal skills, qualities which I believe are imperative to this role.

I believe UC has the potential of being the next big start up. Its reach is already phenomenal, and the company has achieved more than its contemporaries since its inception in YYYY. Hence, I would like to contribute to its growth in whatever way possible. I write this letter in the hope of seeking a business developer job and would be incredibly grateful if you considered my candidature.

Please find a copy of my resume along with my cover letter stating my learnings and achievements, all attached to this email. I look forward to positively hearing from your team.

Thank you

Deepti Vilasa

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