Employment Certification Letter

Employment Certification Letter


An Employment Certification letter is written on behalf of the current employer at the request of his employee for whatever purpose it may serve him. The letter is to certify that an individual is a current employee of a company and to provide the essential information of the history of the employee in the organization. The employee may be applying for a visa or a bank loan which requires some favorable certification of his or her status in the company before approval of his/her application.

As this is a formal letter, one must keep the letter as short as possible with a polite tone. One should provide specific information as there is no room of providing extra details in the employment certification letter. Avoid adding detailed information of everything unless asked to do so by the employee.  Attaching the relevant documents can be done as a proof if one finds it necessary to do. The employer must provide their contact number. Having a peek at this sample letter will give you the idea of writing employment certification letter.

Sample Letter

Following is the sample letter for Employee Certification Letter.



Halley Enterprise

52 Smart Street,

MA 01752, Marlboro.



Loans Officer, United Bank of Marlboro,

Temple Hills, MD 20031,


Subject: –  Employment Certification Letter of Mr. Ivan Law.

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to certify that Mr. Ivan Law is currently an employee with Halley Enterprise, holding the position of Sales Manager. He is working with the company for the past fifteen years.

It is understood that Mr. Ian Law is seeking a loan from your bank  ‘United Bank of Marlboro’ to refinance his home. His current annual salary stands at $300,000 excluding commissions and allowances. Mr. Law is a very responsible, diligent and trustworthy employee with an excellent track record of his perfyormance.

We believe that the above information is sufficient for your kind consideration on his loan application. Please feel free to contact us for further information on this matter at +63-895623 or drop your email at hallyenterprise@service.com.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Brian Hollow,

Personnel Manager,

Halley Enterprise, Marlboro.

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