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Certificate of Employment is a kind of official document which is written by an employer of a certain organization to his or her employee upon termination of his or her employment. It is considered to be a very important part of every employment relationship and it should, therefore, be written in a highly professional manner. This certificate is important for the employee to validate the position he or she has held within the organization. It will also help him or her to get better employment opportunities in future.
A written document of this kind should describe the designation of the employee as well as the responsibilities he or she had been liable for. Information such as his or her date of joining and termination of the employment contract, the salary, his or her behavioral conduct, etc., must be entered correctly in the document. The certificate should be concluded by wishing the employee good luck for his or her future.
The following is a sample of Certificate of Employment.

Sample Certificate of Employment

To whomsoever it may concern
This Certificate of Employment is, hereby, being presented to Mr. Tom Brenner by Adnut Digital Solutions Private Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh, on October 6, 2017, for being a valuable asset to the organization.
Mr. Tom Brenner had joined Adnut Digital Solutions Private Limited on June 23, 2015, as the Corporate Communication Executive. October 6, 2017, had been his last day of service in the organization. Initially, his salary had been fixed to be 31700 BDT but with his dedication towards work and fruitful results of the same, his salary had been increased up to 50000 BDT. Mr. Brenner had been responsible for developing e-content for the purpose of marketing communication, planning publicity strategies and campaigns, writing press releases and newsletters as per the needs of the organization. He had also been assigned the duties of handling as well as maintaining social media accounts and monitoring public opinion about the organization. He possesses a fine knowledge of content development, proofreading, copywriting, copyediting and exemplary written and verbal communication skills. He had been energetic as well as hardworking employer of the organization. His behavioral conduct had been appropriate and his manner of working had always been in synchronization with the professional boundaries.
The journey of two years with Mr. Tom Brenner had been pleasant. The entire management wishes him success for future and believes that he will continue to perform finely.
Kindly note that this certificate is being issued on the specific request of the above-mentioned employee for whichever legal purposes it may serve him or her.
Thanking you.
Prabal Roy Khan,
Managing Director,
Adnut Digital Solutions Private Limited

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