Employment Announcement Letter


An employment announcement letter is a letter written by an employer to introduce an employee to the staff. This letter serves its purpose when it is written with an introduction about the person who newly joins the company or organization. This letter will decide on how the rest of the employees will take care of the newly joined employee. You can include a picture of the newly appointed employee so that when he comes for the job, the rest of them will have some idea of how he looks. Sometimes looks can decide on a person’s character. But, appearance can be deceptive, sometimes.

Providing contact number of the newly appointed employee can also be a help to the rest of the staff to get in touch with him even before his joining date so that there won’t be any starting trouble while talking with him. And, if you feel that you can’t write a letter like this, don’t worry, you can refer the sample letter that is given below and write a perfect Employment Announcement letter.

Sample Letter


Eliza Alex,


Mitel Corp,


17 May 2017


The Employees,

Mitel Corp,


Dear All,

Subject: Employment Announcement Letter

This letter serves the purpose of announcing your new colleague Mr. Eric Abraham, who will be joining our company on DD/MM/YYYY, for the post the assistant administrator.

Mr. Eric has been working with the Contentic and now came to Chennai, because it was his dream to work along with the Mitel Team. “I would like to work with you because it is well known that your company is the best one in our country when compared with other software companies. I would like to finish off this letter by reiterating my desire to be chosen as an intern in your business and leaving my commitment of hard working, sincerity, and dedication”, said Eric in his Job Reference letter.

I hope you all would welcome him with much love as well as happiness and make him a part of your group without allowing him to know about the word ‘solitude.’ I am attaching a copy of Mr. Eric along with this letter so that you can know him when he comes here. His contact number is ********** which you can use to contact him and be in touch with him now itself so that you won’t have a starting trouble later when he comes, which will indeed make him comfortable.

Hope that you all will do the needful regarding the same.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,


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