Employment Agreement Letter

Employment Agreement LetterIntroduction:

A successful job applicant writes an Employment Agreement letter to the company that has offered him employment. This letter serves as a response by the candidate to inform the business that he is agreeable to the employment or job offer. The letter should offer thanks for the job offer. A job vacancy or opening has thousands of applicants, but it is obvious that all of them cannot be given the job.

A few selected candidates are the ones who receive an employment letter from the company and sending a response to them is necessary so that you have a confirmed your job. In case you fail to respond, the job might be given to another candidate. Hence, writing this letter as soon as you get their offer is necessary. Mention in the first paragraph itself that you agree to their terms. The tone of this letter should be professional, and it should be kept formal. Avoid unnecessary details and don’t use fancy language. Finally, it’s good to thank them and that you look forward to working with them.

Sample Letter:


Donald Thomas

4679 Liberal Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017



Jeremy Bonds

Great Lakes Enterprise

1948 Hartland Avenue
Appleton, WI 54915

Dear Sir,

RE: Employment Agreement

I was glad to receive your employment offer letter datedĀ DD/MM/YYYY, for the post of Accounts Supervisor at your esteemed company, Great Lakes Enterprise. It was indeed my dream to work for this company, and it has turned into reality! I would like to take this opportunity and perform to the best of my abilities. I believe my prior experience will come handy here also.

I am agreeable to the terms and conditions outlined in the employment offer letter. I do look forward to starting work at Great Lakes Enterprise onĀ DD/MM/YYYY. I shall report to Mr. Nolan Craig, the Accounts Manager, at 9 am as instructed in the employment letter.

I am very glad to be of service to Great Lakes and its clients soon. I do believe my skills and knowledge would benefit Great Lakes. Thank you for the opportunity given to me to prove myself. I shall not let Great Lakes down. I wish to take this company to greater heights.

Yours Sincerely,

Donald Thomas

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