Employment Acceptance Letter

Employment Acceptance LetterIntroduction

An Employment Acceptance letter is written in response to an offer of employment by an organization to an individual. The person writes to inform the team that he is accepting the job offer and is agreeable to the job conditions that come with the job. He offers thanks for the kind consideration of his application by the management with an assurance of working hard for the company.

This letter mandates the boundaries of both the employer and the employee. It is vital to read every word of this letter as it makes or breaks a deal. The formal character of the letter has to be kept in mind. Try sticking to the point and not beat around the bush, you don’t want to come across as boring and clingy. Given below is a sample that might come in handy.


The following is a sample of Employment Acceptance Letter.


Evelyn D. Bell,

1897 Station Street,
Oakland, CA 94612

December 29, 2010


Jimmy Tyler,

Recruitment Manager,

Holden Medical Supplies,

8997 Elgin Lane West,
Iroquois, ON K1H 8K3

Subject: Employment Acceptance

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your offer letter of the position of Research Assistant to me at Holden Medical Supplies. I am so pleased to receive your offer, and I am delighted to accept this post at your esteemed organization. In fact, I was hoping for the letter to come early and I’m looking forward to working with you. Now that I’m aboard, and part of the team, I cannot begin to tell you the level of excitement. Let’s reach the Pinnacle of success together.

It will be my privilege to be an employee of Holden Medical Supplies where I can contribute effectively in this assigned position of Research Assistant with my relevant qualifications, experience, and passion. I am ready to take on the various research areas of Holden Medical Supplies as discussed in our recent interview where I will be involved in developing better medication for the public health.

I am very clear on my responsibilities in this position at Holden, and I shall endeavor to give my best to the success of Holden Medical Supplies. I can assure that we can work together as a great team. I have lots and lots of ideas in my mind for carrying work forward, and I think this place is an amazing platform for me to showcase my talents and ideologies.

Yours Sincerely,

Evelyn Bell


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