Employee Welcome letter

Employee Welcome letter


An Employee welcome letter is given by the management to a new employee to welcome the employee to the company. It is a letter that helps the new employee to feel at ease and to settle down in his new work surroundings easily and quickly so that he can perform well in the company. This letter is usually written by the Human Resources Department of the organization. The letter is written as a courtesy to welcome the new employee into an environment which they are not familiar with.

Since this is a welcome letter, it can be written in an informal manner to make the new employee more comfortable with the organization as well as with the people the employee is going to work with. Many organizations throw a small get-together to welcome a new employee. The letter must be written in a positive manner so that it helps the employee perform better as soon as they get adjusted to the environment and begin their work.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of an Employee welcome letter



Flintstone Enterprise

99930 Spiral Street
San Diego, CA 3881



Larry Joseph

Sector Head

I.T. Department

Flintstone Enterprise

Dear Mr. Joseph

Subject: Welcome to Flintstone Enterprise

On behalf of Flintstone Enterprise, the management is delighted to welcome you into our organization. We are pleased that you have chosen well to join our enterprising organization to move together to greater heights.

We are very impressed with your resume and your work performance at the organizations where you previously worked, and we are extremely happy with your performance at the interview. With your impressive track record of work performance and references, we are excited to discuss progression plans with you for our organization. Your staff has been briefed about you, but they will be eager to hear from you. We assure you that our organization has a relaxed and friendly environment. We hope that within the first few weeks of joining our organization you will be comfortable with your surroundings and will then begin to focus on your work. We trust that you will settle down quickly to set into motion the company’s annual targets and KPIs.

There will be a new staff high tea at the pantry this Friday at 5 pm to welcome all new staff to Flintstone. This is a small get together we organize to welcome our new employees so that we can help them understand our organization’s goal and also to help them get to know their peers with whom they will later work with. You are cordially invited to the event, and we hope to see you there.

Again, welcome to Flintstone Enterprise. We wish you all the very best and hope that you have a wonderful experience while working with us.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely


Flintstone Enterprise

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