Employee Warning Letters

Employee Warning Letters



When verbal warnings for the employee’s poor performance or bad behavior doesn’t work out, then it’s time to get formal. Here the employer writes a warning letter to the employee to alert him against the complaints made by the staff. The letter states the actions to be taken against him if he/she doesn’t work on the terms of the company. Employee warning letter is a notice which is used when an employer is accused of breaking or disobeying the terms and conditions of the enterprise. Be concise and clear, State the exact reason of warning, for example, poor performance, poor attendance, inappropriate conduct, etc. and mention what rule they have violated as per the company’s rule. Give him the proof by listing particular witnesses, date, etc. which can prove the poor behavior or performance.

Explain the impact of his behavior to the organization. Remind the employee about the verbal warnings given before regarding the same problem. Notify the employee regarding future consequences if the same problem continues. Ask the employee to acknowledge to the letter so show that he/she has received it and read it correctly.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Employee Warning Letter


Madhvesh Irani,

Brabourne Road,




Priti Sanon,

Kala Devi,


Subject: Regarding warning due to misconduct.

Dear ma’am,

I am writing this letter to warn you regarding your poor attendance in the office. Your department head has already warned you verbally regarding the same, but it has fallen on deaf ears. This is about the constant complaints which I am getting from your Colleague, Manager, and HR regarding your unprofessional conduct with almost everyone in general.

The number of leaves allowed was mentioned in the appointment letter, and you had agreed to it. However, it has been noticed that your attendance is a matter of concern and the reasons for the same are unknown to the management. Your poor attendance is creating problems for the department and the company. We expect you to clear out the issue immediately with your department head as soon as possible. Failing to do so would result in necessary actions by the management. Kindly consider this as a strict warning, or else we will be forced to take necessary actions as per the rules and regulations of the company


Madhvesh Irani,

IT Consultant.




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